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What a great book.

“What a great book – I so enjoyed reading it and know millions of kids will too.  It would be a great book for prekindergarten and elementary schools, also daycare.  The very best to Bob and his writings.”👏 – Ruth, California

My three grandsons, ages 7, 5 and 3 loved the story of Perry at the County Fair.

“My three grandsons, ages 7, 5 and 3 loved the story of Perry at the County Fair. The illustrations kept their attention as well as the rhythmic prose and interesting storyline. Challenging enough for the 7-year-old to read, yet simple enough for the 3-year-old to enjoy while the 5-year-old was mesmerized by the pictures. Definitely a must-read bedtime story for all!” – Judi, Virginia

Will be looking forward to the sequel.

“Read your book this morning. It is really good. Will be looking forward to the sequel. Liked how it ended with a great message.” – Tom, Ohio

My young daughter loved the story.

“My young daughter loved the story and especially the pictures in the book. – Brian, Ohio


“HOORAY!!! Thrilled to learn that more of precious Perry’s adventures are in the process of becoming illuminated manuscripts to delight all humanity henceforth!” – Nichole, Ohio

Saturday morning… a cup of coffee,

“Saturday morning….a cup of coffee, a cinnamon roll, and a REALLY good book. A great way to start my weekend!! This book was amazing! I loved how everything rhymed, the pictures were awesome and so colorful, and the story was just perfect. It really reminded me of all of my experiences at a fair. The ending was so meaningful. I can’t wait for more adventures!! Thank you again for sharing Perry with me.” – Julie, Ohio

A creatively and beautifully crafted story.

“A creatively and beautifully crafted story and illustrated tail (tale)!!!…it is joyful, uplifting, encouraging and such a positive message for all. My grandson loves looking through and having the story read to him, but I look forward to when he can read it and grasp the touching meaning of this story.” – Lolo from Texas


“Congrats on a delightful book!” – Linda, California

I think it’s a very happy book to read.

“I think it’s a very happy book to read. The rhyming adds a great twist and it’s a great adventure for young readers!” – Adi, a young reader in Ohio

We loved Perry’s first adventure!

“We loved Perry’s first adventure! As they say in German, “Sehr aufregend!” (“very exciting!).” – Terry, Wisconsin

This was not just another children’s book.

“This was not just another children’s book…So lovely that it was written in rhyme. Children love rhyme. Great story with a great message, great illustrations (my compliments to the illustrator) and great color. I am really impressed.” – Mary, Ohio

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and look forward to reading it to my nieces and nephews. The story is educational, heartwarming, and delightful. Very well-written and the illustrations are wonderful! Phenomenal, fun, fantastic story for all ages.” – Lori, Ohio

Just finished reading your children’s book in its entirety.

“Just finished reading your children’s book in its entirety. Nice job of rhyming and a good message at the end. Our two girls just loved it.” – Zach, Wisconsin

Got the book yesterday. It is way beyond my expectations.

“Got the book yesterday. It is way beyond my expectations. It is so darn cute. My granddaughter just loved it. Let me know when the next one is published.” – Shirley, Florida

How special – great message.

“How special – great message. Looking forward to the next book.” – Gayle, Kansas

Absolutely love it.

“I just finished another awesome, and exciting adventure in Hollywood. Absolutely love it. Can’t wait for Perry’s next adventure.” – Julie, Ohio

An enthralling and absolutely enchanting work of literature.

“An enthralling and absolutely enchanting work of literature. What a TREASURE!  Bob the author and his muse, Perry the Poodle – what a team!  Northeast Ohio’s favorite fluffy celebrity is perfectly immortalized in these preciously illustrated pages!  The Adventures of Perry the Poodle could be a franchise series to rival the like of Harry Potter…. bonus Perry is sooooooo much more huggable & lovable than Potter.” – Nicki, Ohio

Perry goes to the park book cover

Perry Goes for a… Walk in the Park!

A quiet walk on a mid-summer’s day to see Mother Nature at her best turns into a noisy affair when Perry gets involved unexpectedly in the outcome of a local sporting event in which everyone ends up a winner!


Perry Goes to the Farm cover


Perry Goes to… the Farm!

A drive into the country on a beautiful fall day takes Perry and his Dad on a week-long visit to Grandma’s farm.  While there they help with many chores, but also take time to relax and enjoy the many aspects of quiet, rural living until one day an emergency prompts Perry to jump into action to save the day.


Perry Goes Camping cover


Perry Goes… Camping!

Camping is a lotta fun for Perry and his Dad as they travel to the mountains to spend a few nights in the great outdoors.  While there the boys enjoy the beauty of nature, but also encounter some challenges and unexpected situations which test their skills and courage.


Perry Goes to Hollywood book cover


Perry Goes to... Hollywood!

In this adventure, Perry's life takes an unlikely turn when he is selected to perform in a local theater production where his critically acclaimed performance gets him noticed by Hollywood producers.  He travels to the west coast where his sudden fame and stardom lead him to awards, bravery - and romance!


Perry Goes to the County Fair cover


Perry Goes to... the County Fair!

An otherwise fun day at the County Fair takes some unexpected twists and turns which evolve into a “whodunit” mystery. Some smart detective work by a dogged poodle, and an unexpected friendship, breaks the case wide open.

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